Video FAQs

How Do I Handle Multiple Offers?

With a tighter market comes a higher demand for investment and foreclosed properties. Consequently, multiple offers on these properties is becoming much more common.

But I Don’t Want To Buy It, What Do I Do?

I bought a Foreclosure at the courthouse steps, but afterwards decided that I did not want it. What Can I Do???

Peter Greijn – Foreclosure Guru Answers

Buy It Sight Unseen???

There are times when the bank will sell a property that is occupied. That means you’re not allowed to contact the occupants, nor are you allowed to see what the conditions are inside.

But I Was The Highest Bidder, Why No Sale?

Many times even when your bid was the highest at a property auction or online home sale, the sale is not approved. Often that’s because your auction price did not meet the bank’s minimum, or “reserve” price in order for it to be approved for sale. There are other reasons….

What Todays Foreclosure Market Is Like

Investors have been asking what today’s foreclosure market looks like right now.

It’s not the same as it was several years back. Markets change, and other areas like FL are still experiencing higher foreclosure rates…

How Much Money Do I Need To Buy A Foreclosure?

Is There A Fixer Upper Loan Program To Purchase Foreclosures?

I am often asked, I love this house but my lender won’t approve it; is there a fixer upper type loan program out there?

The answer is, Yes. To learn more watch the video.

Stove Is Stolen Right Before REO Closing. What Do I Do?

Peter Greijn, Raleigh REO Expert explains what happens, and what you can do. Most of the time the bank will work with you, but that is not always the case.

What Do I Do When The Bank (Seller) & The Lender Are At Odds?

What do I do when the lender requires repairs in order to approve a loan, and when the bank (owner) says, ‘no.’?

Sometimes an appeal to the lender to place money in escrow for repairs to be completed can be negotiated. Or, appealing to the bank (owner) for repairs to be done can sometimes be agreed to.

Who Handles the Inspection and Pays for the Repairs on a Foreclosure?

Peter Greijn, Raleigh Foreclosure Guru explains who pays for inspection and completes the repairs on a foreclosure.

Be aware that the bank usually does not allow any repairs on a foreclosure prior to closing.

Will The Bank Allow Me To Conduct Inspections On The Property?

When purchasing a foreclosure there are many who ask, “Will the bank allow me to do an inspection on the property prior to closing?” The answer is generally “Yes.” but not in all cases.

If I Back Out Of A Deal What About Earnest Money?

After I’m in contract, and due diligence has ended, if I back out of a deal what happens to my earnest money?

Peter Greijn, foreclosure specialist, gives insight on how the banks work.

What Do I Need To Buy A Foreclosure?

If you’re at a Foreclosure Auction, there is a strategy for that.

If it’s an REO, they require offers in a certain manner.

If you want to buy at the courthouse steps, I can help you with that.

Must I Get A Pre-Qual From A Lender That The Bank/Owner States I Should?

When purchasing a foreclosure sometimes my Agent says I must get a pre-qualification letter from the Bank that is selling the property. Is that correct?

The answer may surprise you. Watch the video to find out more about what Bank/Owners can or cannot require.

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